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The North American Mission Board (NAMB)

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The concerns and questions raised by this website are meant to bring to light issues that many Southern Baptists have not been made aware of.  Our institutions and organizations should set the standard for integrity, honesty and biblical leadership.

We must repair the partnerships, restore transparency, and reform NAMB.

We call for NAMBs Trustees and the SBC to investigate and address the concerns and questions raised by our site.

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Mega Millions

Mega Church Millions: When it comes to church planting there is almost no transparency from NAMB. 

Unlike years past, we do not know how many planters are funded.  Unlike years past Baptist conventions and associations are largely cut out from the church planting relationship, and know little of what really happens.

NAMB Assets Screen


NAMB not only has the required six month ($60,000,000) operational contingency fund in cash reserves in the bank, they have an additional $178,750,000 in reserves

The Properties

Here is a list of the properties, prices, taxes paid, and who they are supposedly connected to where we were able to find out.

NAMBs Crazy Housing Scheme

$62 Million + $870K in Annual Property Taxes to help less than 15% of current Church Plants. Is this really the best strategy to turn around our 30 year low in church planting?

About Reform NAMB Now

We are Southern Baptists.  We believe in the Great Commission and we are thankful for everyone that goes into the mission field full time to reach their neighbors and communities for the gospel. However, we cannot sacrifice righteousness on the altar of the Great Commission.  

The North American Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention seems to have misused the sacrificial mission dollars of Southern Baptists in favor of enriching themselves, friends, or using it to bully those that stand in their way.  As a result we are much less effective in missions than ever before as shown by our baptism and church planting rates. 

We have called on NAMB and it’s trustees to answer questions and address issues, but it has been met with silence.  

It is time for Southern Baptists to examine what has happened and call for Reform at the North American Mission Board and restore that entity back to a place of accountability and righteousness. 2021 © All Rights Reserved.