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NAMB is Doubling Down on Intimidating a Journalist

Instead of addressing the fact that NAMB’s Executive Director of Public Relations, Mike Ebert, sent a threatening message to a journalist for mentioning a published story about Kevin Ezell, NAMB stands behind the intimidation by having Mike Ebert send out an email ignoring the main issue.


On February 3rd, Joni Hannigan revealed on her website that a high up NAMB employee (now known to be NAMB’s Executive Director of Public Relations, Mike Ebert) sent her a threatening message for her post on SBC18 and #MeToo insinuating that she could be in trouble for libel (although it is clearly not) and said she needed to take the section about Kevin out of her post.

On February 10th, Will McRaney sent out an email to individuals in the SBC asking them not to turn a blind eye to what NAMB’s leadership did to Joni. His email was 47 sentences, of which five directly discussed that, as reported in the Louisville Courier-Journal, Kevin Ezell stated that the leaders of the congregation did not plan to tell members about the arrest of one of their members for child molestation. You can see Will McRaney’s email below or read here:

What was NAMB’s response? They ignore the focus of the email and focus on five sentences and ignore the other 42. They mislead the reader that they are limited in what they can talk about their case with McRaney when there is no gag order or limitation legally. Lastly, they had the same person that sent Joni Hannigan the threatening message send out the email. You can see it below or view here.

NAMB’s leaders are doubling down on dishonesty to distract from the fact that the Executive Director of Public Relations sent a threatening message to a SBC journalist and by having the very person who sent the threatening message to the journalist send out the response email, they are showing that they support him and his intimidating tactic.


Intimidation should have no place in the SBC. Leaders who intimidate or willingly support those who intimidate should resign or be removed.

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