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Property Concerns -
Church Planting Money going to non-send cities, and possibly to non-SBC Churches.

Every Easter, Southern Baptist churches give to Annie Armstrong Offering which goes to the North American Mission Board. It was started in 1895 to support the work of the Home Mission Board (now North American Mission Board). More than $1,000,000 has been donated to in Honor of the Annie Armstrong Offering.


NAMB states that 100% of the funds it receives from donations through Annie Armstrong goes to the field. We know that to not be the case, so we decided to edit their chart to more accurately reflect the reality of how Annie Armstrong funds have been used under the direction of NAMB’s President, Dr. Kevin Ezell.


Transparency should be hallmark of Southern Baptists, yet it is one of the biggest ways we need reform. Recently NAMB has aggressively purchased real estate as a part of it’s church planting budget. And while we believe most are justified, there were a few that have raised concerns. We have flagged them below and hope that NAMB and the SBC will address these or investigate these purchases.


The personal properties below were flagged for either not being in a Send City, or for having a resident that is not working for an SBC Church. When we attempted to look up the churches at they were not listed. We also attempted to look them up at the state convention level and did not find them.


We listed the churches in question for reference for others to be able to verify. Again, we hope that NAMB can provide truthful clarity on the properties and as to why they were purchased. If they cannot, we call for SBC leaders to investigate and provide more transparent records for others to hold NAMB accountable.

*Edit 6/14/18: Received confirmation that Baltimore property was housing SBC Church planter. It was removed from the list.

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