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NAMB Doesn't Need Your Money this Year

You have seen the videos, you have heard stories of how Annie Armstrong helps people in the North American Mission Field. And what you give may help… eventually.

But not this year.… and most likely not the next.

Whereas the EC and and IMB try to maintain a cash reserve of six months of their operational budget, to ensure that what you give goes to the mission field each year, NAMB has been hoarding cash and their cash reserve has skyrocketed to over $235M (24 months of their operational budget) and assets over $415M (10x that of Lifeway).


NAMB has no plan to increase what they invest into the field.

That means if no one gave NAMB one penny through the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering this year, it would make ZERO difference to ministers and ministries in the field. They could still operate for the next two years as though nothing had happened.

So if we have churches and organizations that are facing budget shortfalls, why are we giving money to NAMB?

This Easter give to SBC organizations that need your money this year.

Let’s put our money into the mission field, not a bank account.

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