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Re-Emphasizing Evangelism or Re-Marketing it?

“The North American Mission Board, for a number of years, has had no real strategy for Evangelism. We Baptized fewer people last year than we did 60 years ago (when we) had half the membership 60 years ago… We do not need another plan or a program, (but) we (do) need a strategy that is adopted by the membership and everybody gets involved in it. That is not happening now.” Jimmy Draper, Former SBC President, in an interview with the SWBTS program, “Moving Forward,” February 7th, 2019 (as of June 2021 SWBTS has made the video private, we will upload a copy).


Johnny Hunt even stated on twitter on February 18, 2019 that “… We don’t need another evangelism program, but what we do need is a passion…”.

Johnny Hunt Says we do not need another program

So if we really are Re-emphasizing evangelism, what has NAMB been doing?
Ezell launched a program. Remember, both Johnny Hunt, the SVP of Evangelism, and Jimmy Draper said programs would not fix the problem.

NAMB has launched many podcasts, yet the evangelism staff still remains miniscule. 


So what is missing? The people and the strategy


Right now…
NAMB’s marketing team has 15x as many people on it’s staff than it has on its evangelism team for ALL of North America.
There are only two people on the Evangelism Staff, Johnny Hunt (SVP of Evangelism and Leadership) and Jim Law (Executive Director of Evangelism). Johnny Hunt still splits his time since he is also in charge of Leadership for NAMB running Timothy+Barnabas.
NAMB spends almost as much on purchasing new properties every year as they do on evangelism.

Is Kevin Ezell’s big strategy to have just Jim Law and part-time Johnny Hunt, armed only with a program and a podcast, serve all 47,000 churches and hundreds of associations when it comes to evangelism in North America? Does he expect that to stop our the rapidly increasing free fall of our baptism numbers?

The SBC does not need another marketing campaign, it needs people to help churches and conventions with evangelism and a strategy bigger than a program and a podcast.



(Originally in 2018)

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